Wine Route

Vignoble Le Cep d'Argent

Reserving tickets online is strongly recommended

Located on Lake Magog, 15 km from the chalets, Le Cep d'Argent specializes in making sparkling wines to becomes the Eastern Township's best (in our opinion) champagne-style wines.

We highly recommend the sabrage experience and enjoying your bottle in the vineyard with amazing views on the lake.

Au Vignoble d'Orford

Located only 3 km from the chalets, this beautiful winery is worth dropping by (you can even ride your bike there)!  

In addition to a tasting in the cozy tasting room, we also definitely recommend taking a tour of the winery.  The story of the start of the winery and growing it into a commercial producer of local wines is super interesting and the breathtaking views of Lake Memphremagog that you will see along the way make it a fun experience!

Photo: @foundmythrill