Nordic Spas and Relaxation

Strøm Nordic Spa

Located on the shores of Lac des Nations and the Magog River in Sherbrooke, Strøm Nordic Spa is the perfect place for our guests to pamper themselves.

The facilities of the Strøm Nordic Spa include: Outdoor whirlpools • Hot and cold baths • Finnish saunas • Eucalyptus and essential oil steam baths • Thermal and Nordic waterfalls • Indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with fireplaces • Bistro • Terraces • Quay • Beach • And much more

Add additional pampering to your visit by:

  • choosing a massage or beauty treatment from the menu of services
  • enjoying a boreal-inspired culinary experience at Restaurant Nord, which features a menu highlighting local artisans and fresh regional products. 

The best part? Our guests get 15% off* of the spa thermal experience, massage therapy, and beauty treatments.

All spa experiences must be purchased online on the Strøm Nordic Spa website. Contact us at for the code to enter at check-out on the spa website.

*is not applicable to services on a current promotion (indicated with crossed-out prices). It cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Photo : Bianca Des Jardins for Strøm

Massage at the Chalet by Chalet Détente 

We have partnered with Chalet Détente so you can treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the comfort of your chalet with a certified massage therapist.

  • Indulge in relaxation: What better way to unwind and de-stress on vacation than with a massage in the comfort of your own chalet? 
  • Elevate your vacation experience: Take your experience to the next level by treating yourself to a luxurious massage in your chalet. 
  • Effortless relaxation: The therapists will bring everything you need, so all you have to do is enjoy the bliss of the massage. 


  • $130 for 60 minutes
  • $175 for 90 minutes
  • Prices include tax and an insurance receipt

To book a massage simply send a text message to 819-679-2568 and include:

  • Your name
  • Location: Chalet Hygge and Chalet Name
  • The desired date and time of the massage, 
  • The duration of massage 

Spa Nordic Station

Located 10 minutes from Chalets Hygge, Spa Nordic Station is the perfect place for our guests to pamper themselves while being enveloped in nature.

Spa Nordic Station is focused on helping you discover the ancestral Nordic thermal cycle ritual.  Originating in Finland, the purpose of the thermal cycle is to help restore your body to its highest level of well-being in 3 steps:

  • Hot cycle: Choose from a California bath, a steam crypt, a Russian banya, or a sauna
  • Cold cycle: Choose between 2 cold plunges or a dip in the river flowing through the spa.
  • Relaxation: Choose from several tranquil areas set up both inside and outside. 

Add even more pampering to your visit by adding massage or beauty treatment from the menu of services.

Photo: Maxime & Marie-Joelle of @Thestorytellers_MTL