** Chalets Hygge uses the standard short-term rental agreement provided by CITQ (Corporation de l'industrie touristique du Québec) with modifications as appropriate for our properties (amenities, neighborhood rules, etc.)**

Chalets Hygge Rental Agreement - By clicking "Request to book" the lessee is accepting all of the following terms and conditions.

Arrival time: 4:00 pm or anytime after

Departure time: 11:00 am or before

1. Reservation & Damage Deposit

1.1 50% of the rental cost is due as a deposit at the time of reservation. The balance is due 14 days before arrival.

1.2 When the reservation is made fewer than 14 days before arrival, payment must be made in full.

1.3 The Lessor will accept credit card payment through www.chaletshygge.com at the time of reservation. Arrangements for paying via Interact must be agreed to in advance.

1.4 A damage deposit of $500 will be pre-authorized on Lessee’s credit card on the day of arrival and released 3 days after departure if no damages are found by the lessor.

2. Cancellation Policy

2.1 Cancellations must be made through www.chaletshygge.com

2.2 If the cancellation is received 14 days or more before the date of arrival, 50% the deposit of will be retained by the Lessor as damages.

2.3 If the cancellation is received fewer than 14 days before the date of arrival, 100% of the deposit will be retained by the Lessor as damages.

2.4 If the cancellation is received after the date of arrival, the Lessee must pay the entire rental amount.

2.5 If the stay must be canceled or interrupted because of unforeseeable problems with the building (water, electricity, etc.), the Lessee will be liable only for the cost of the days rented. The cost for the remaining days will be refunded, but there will be no additional penalty payable by the Lessor.

3. Amenities offered in the unit

· Electric baseboard heaters

· Fireplace

· Private bathroom

· Bathroom linens

· Bathroom essentials

· Hairdryer

· Iron & Ironing Board

· Bedding Linens

· HDTV with access to Netflix (no cable/satellite)

· Full-size kitchen

· Stove

· Oven

· Refrigerator

· Dishwasher

· Microwave oven

· Coffee maker

· Toaster

· Dishes & silverware

· Cooking essentials

4. Services & Facilities available on site

· Snow removal in winter

· Free outdoor parking (2 spots)

· Free wireless Wi-Fi

· Washer and dryer

· Secure storage for skis & bikes

5. Rules: Use of rented premises & Lessee’s Responsibilities

5.1 Absolutely no smoking of any type. The chalet is inspected immediately upon checkout and any trace of smoking is immediately identifiable to the proceeding guests. Any additional cleaning required by the presence of smoking will result in the additional cost being automatically deducted from the deposit.

5.2 The chalet is 100% party fee. We have a zero-tolerance policy that will result in immediate eviction from the property without a refund and the Lessee will be 100% responsible for additional cleaning costs and all damage incurred. If you are looking for a place for a social event and without a noise policy, this is not the right place for you.

5.3 The Lessee must be 25 years or older and must be present during the stay.

5.4 The Lessee is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rental premises. Only registered guests that are included on the reservation are permitted to stay at the chalet. Please ensure that the correct number of guests is reflected in your reservation request. Visitors must be approved in advance. For example, hosting a dinner or BBQ in which guests other than those included on the reservation will attend must be approved.

5.5 Outdoor sporting equipment is not allowed in the house as they can ruin the floors. Since we know so many people come to enjoy the outdoor activities, we do provide outside cabins with locks to store your equipment in. Lessee and guests are 100% responsible for the security of their items and Chalets Hygge is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

5.6 Pets: We love pets and understand how difficult it is to find accommodations that permit pets which is why our properties are pet friendly. However, we do have rules that must be adhered to and if we find the rules are not being followed, we will have to remove the policy allowing pets. So please be respectful of our property and of future guests when bringing your 4-legged family member.

NOTE: The maximum number of pets is 2

· Only social and 100% house-trained pets are permitted at the chalet both for security and the protection of our property.

· Pets are not allowed on any furniture and if we detect pets fur or other signs of pets on any furniture an additional $50 cleaning fee will automatically be charged.

· Always clean up after your pets. This applies not only to the chalet property but the Cheribourg community. Please respect our future guests and other residents of the community by cleaning up after your pets.

· When walking your pets off our property, they must always be on a leash.

· Pet parents are 100% responsible for any damage caused by their pets. The chalets are inspected and cleaned thoroughly between each guest making damage identifiable to the immediately proceeding guest.

· Please provide us with details about your pets when making your reservations. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any booking if we are not comfortable that the house rules for pets will be observed.

5.7 The Lessee must inform the Lessor of any damage or breakage caused during the stay.

5.8 The Lessee is liable for material damage in or to the unit rented during the rental period for any cause whatsoever, except damages resulting from construction defects, lack of maintenance, natural and technological disasters, and any damage normally covered by the Lessor’s residential insurance policy. The Lessee agrees to hold the Lessor harmless from any claim whatsoever resulting from damages for which the Lessee is responsible.

5.9 The Lessee agrees to respect the rental premises and leave them in the same condition as when they were rented. Furniture and objects for the Lessee’s use must be handled with care and used only for the purposes for which they are intended.

5.10 The Lessee agrees not to use any premises other than those rented and to respect the property of neighbors and other residents.

5.11 The Lessee is liable for all damaged furniture or objects, for any damage caused to the rented premises, including the grounds and outdoor facilities.

5.12 The Lessee agrees to abide by reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb neighbors or other residents. The Lessee must keep noise to a reasonable level, both inside and outside the unit. Noise must be kept to a minimum after 11:00 P.M and before 8:00 am.

5.13 Any defects noted by the Lessee during the rental period must be reported immediately.

6. Important Conditions

6.1 The Lessee always agrees to respect the rules of the establishment. This commitment also extends to people accompanying the Lessee and his or her guests.

6.2 The establishment may be rented for vacation purposes only.

6.3 The establishment has a maximum capacity of 8 people.

6.4 The Lessee may not transfer his/her rights under this rental agreement or sublet the unit.

6.5 If, on the date of departure, the Lessee does not leave at the time stipulated in the agreement, additional charges of $100 may apply.

7. Checklist before leaving the unit

We have a few check-out requirements that will only take a few minutes of your time and helps us to keep our chalets affordable.

7.1 Generally, leave the chalet in good condition and return any moved items back to their original location.

7.2 Empty the waste into the appropriate outside bins.

7.3 Discard any food you are not taking with you.

7.4 Wash your dirty dishes or place them in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher before leaving.

7.5 Place all used bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and sheets by the washing machine.

7.6 Cover outdoor furniture, clean the BBQ and make sure the propane is closed (if you used it).

7.7 All windows and doors are locked.

7.8 Keys are returned to the lockbox.

8. General Provisions

8.1 This short-term rental agreement may be amended only in writing.

8.2 Even if any of the provisions in this agreement is deemed null and void, the other agreement provisions remain valid. The parties must come to an agreement reflecting as much as possible the economic objectives of the two parties to this agreement in order to replace the provision deemed null and void.

8.3 This agreement is to be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the Province of Quebec and in Canada.

9. Other Provisions

9.1 The Lessor guarantees that the establishment holds a valid classification certificate issued by the Corporation de l'industrie touristique du Québec in accordance with the Quebec Act respecting tourist accommodation establishments.

9.2 The Lessor may not be held liable for any accident, injury or illness that is the fault of the Lessee, and that may befall the Lessee or his/her guests during the stay. By accepting this provision, the Lessee and his/her guests accept the risks associated with their stay at the establishment.

9.3 The Lessor may not be held liable for the theft or loss of the property of the Lessee or his/her guests during their stay.

9.4 The stairs are steep, so if you have young children or people in your group with mobility issues, please consider this when choosing the chalet.

9.5 The chalet does not have air conditioning. It is equipped with a dehumidifier and portable fans.

9.6 Infants & children: We are happy to host families with infants and children at Chalets Hygge, but please be aware the properties are not child proofed (cabinet door latches, electric socket covers, baby gates, etc.) and we do not provide amenities for children (high chair, crib, pack ‘n play, etc.)

9.7 To protect the tranquility of our neighborhood we use a noise monitoring device called Noise Aware. It does NOT record actual sounds or conversations, it simply monitors the noise level (measured in decibels). The decibel monitoring sensors are located inside and outside of the home. Removing the decibel monitor will result in a full security deposit loss.

By clicking "Request to book" the lessee is accepting all of these terms and conditions.