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Option 2 - Going to Magog (Spa, Beach, Pub & more options) - 44km

Magog is a full grown village on the shore of the majestic Memphrémagog lake. This ride is essentially entirely all on packed gravel forest paths. You can decide to add or skip some attractions along the way. The entire route is approximately 50km which can be accomplished with an entire ebike battery charge.

Your main options along the way are:

  1. Going to the spa Nordic Station on your way to Magog. This is a beautiful and relaxing place. In addition to the warm & cold baths and saunas you also have access to dip in a creek. You can also book a massage in advance. We recommend to call in advance for reservation at the spa.
  2. Visit and shop at the Savon des Cantons. More than just a soap place the Savon des Canton is beautifully located over viewing the Memphrémagog lake. The staff is very passionate about their craft and share the process of making their products (soaps, creams, oils, etc.).
  3. Explore the beautiful hiking trails of the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises. The marais (swamp) also offers to rent kayaks and navigate the narrow water network and discover a very diversified habitat. NOTE: The start of kayaking is near the beach of the Memphremagog lake at the Club de voile Memphrémagog, 155 chemin de la plage des Cantons. See 4).
  4. Dip in the beautiful Memphrémagog lake. The Memphrémagog lake is one of the most beautiful lake of Québec. This 51km lake is crossing the US border. Pay attention you might be able to witness Memphré; the cousin of the Loch Ness monster!
  5. Not far from the beach take a break at the Microbasserie Le Memphré. This is a relax pub serving craft beers and delicious burgers!
  6. Do one wine tasting at Vignoble Orford. This is a very beautiful winery that is producing great white and rosé.
  7. On the way back stop at the Ducs de Montrichard - This small farm produce local artisanal duck products. Bring a backpack to bring back some of those delicious patés.
  8. Once back in Orford close to the chalet stop at Steforno La Fabrique. With imported products from Italy it is a little bit like being there. Pizzas are great and their cheese and charcuterie plate is not to miss.

Points of Interest/Path Information

Start Head out of the Cheribourg and get to the Chemin du parc road. Turn left at the road toward the small Orford village. Quickly turn right on Chemin Courtemanche. Turn left passed the bridge. You should be able to follow the Route Verte signs from there.
@ approximatly 7km from the chalet when arriving at the highway, leave the bike path and take the roundabout to cross the highway in direction for Magog. At the red light turn right on the Chemin des Pères. @ approximatly 1km on that road you will arrives at the Nordic Station spa.
Continue 5km on the Chemin des Pères and you will arrive to the Savon des Cantons on the left.
Head back on Chemin des Pères for about 4km and turn right on Chemin Soutière. This long descent will bring you to Magog. At the red light continue straight and you will arrive at the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises on the right. The marais is 500m from the red light.
Head back the way you came and turn left on the other side of the red light. You will soon be on the shore of the Memphrémagog lake and stop at the Plage des Cantons beach.
Continue your way toward the village of Magog. You will see the Microbrasserie Le Memphré on the other side of the Merry road and the train track. The address is 12 Merry sud.
It is now time to head back toward the chalet. When exiting the microbrasserie turn right and turn right again on the rue Principale. Turn left on the next street on rue des Pins. Continue on that road for 5km to turn left on Chemin Bice. The Vignoble Orford is on your left approximately 500m from the stop sign.
You have an option at this point. Instead of going to the Ducs de Montrichard you can decide head back to the chalet by letting going down the hill of Chemin Bice. This will bring back to the Orford village in no time. If you still want to do more, climb back Chemin Bice to the stop sign and turn left on the 13 rang (was called Chemin des Pins earlier). Cycle 6km to get to Chemin Alfred-Desrochers and turn left. Ducs de Montrichard is 500m on your right.
Now this is the end. You have approximately 6km on Chemin Alfred-Desrochers to get to Orford. You can always decide to go back to the chalet and dress up to get to Steforno later in the evening. You can always walk to the restaurant from the chalet.

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