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Option 1 - Ride to the Eastman Village through the Route Verte (Spa & beach options) - 50km 

The chalets are located on the edge of the Route Verte, the Trans Canada Trail and the Parc Orford. This ride is essentially entirely all on packed gravel forest paths. You can decide to add or skip some attractions along the way. The entire route is approximately 50km which can be accomplished with an entire ebike battery charge.

Your main options along the way are:

  1. Going to the beach on Lac Stukely - Located in the Parc Orford this is a great option to refresh yourself along the way.
  2. Going to the Eastman Nordic Spa & restaurant - This Nordic Spa offers all kind of warm and cold baths, saunas and massage options. The spa also have a very nice restaurant where you can resource yourself before ending back to the chalet. We recommend you to call in advance for reservation for the restaurant and the spa.
  3. Get lunch at the Le Côte in Eastman - One of many restaurant in the Eastman village. This restaurant has a nice patio to lunch outside.
  4. Get delicious pastries at Chez Dora in Eastman - This is one of our favourite. Bring a backpack to bring back to the chalet some of those exquisite pastries.

WARNING: We highly recommend you to monitor your battery level along the way as the weight and the use of the power mode greatly impact the distance you can cover.

Points of Interest/Path Information

Start Head out of the Cheribourg and get to the Chemin du parc road. Take turn right on that road and cycle 3 km to the main Parc Orford entry.
@ 2.7 km this is the Parc Orford entry. You can pay at the gate but we recommend you pay in advance here.
@7.7 km this where you have the option to fork and go to the beach. The path is getting rougher at this point as it is branching out from Route Verte.
Take a dip at the Stukely beach. You can decide to stop on your way in on your way out to the chalet. Note: We are recommending to lock the bikes when you are away from them.
This is the end of the Montagnarde bike path in the forest. This is the intersection of the Chemin des Diligences road. Turning right on this paved road brings goes to the Spa Eastman. You can also across the road and continue on a bike bath that brings you to the Eastman village.
The Spa Eastman is less than 3 km from the end of the bike path on the Chemin des Diligences. It is a paved road where you will appreciate having an ebike as there is a good climb!
The " Le Côte" restaurant is 1 km from the Eastman village. When arriving in the village, take left of the 112 road.
Continue just one more km and stop at Chez Dora and pack you backpack with fabulous pastries.

Head back to the chalet by turning right from the 112 road on the Chemin d'Orford sur le Lac. This will lead you to the Chemin des Diligences where you turn left and brings you back to the marker 4 on the map.

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